87 C10 Hemi Swap

That thing gotta hemi? Sell it here!
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87 C10 Hemi Swap

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Started the swap in my 87 C10 after I saw Reignited do one on his channel.
Started in December 2022 with pulling out the out wimpy 305, I built my engine mounts using a set of Holley D-series mounts I bought when I had my 89 dodge d-150.
Had to cut them down for the height of the rubber isolator mounts that are for a 96 dodge van. Fabricated my trans mounts.
It’s been a fun project with great results.
Received a little wiring help from Blake of course, my cousin Rob, and a couple others.
Just finished wiring in my brake switch and tow/haul switch.
On the brake switch I didn’t have room to build a bracket for the dodge brake switch so I researched a 6 pin switch and ended up using a 85 Camaro brake switch because it mounts just like my factory brake switch. It works just like the dodge.
My truck has 3.08 gears but will be getting a rearend from a 96 van with 3.91 gears.
More updates to come
Wish I could add pictures but for so reason I can’t
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Re: 87 C10 Hemi Swap

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